It's not magic, it's BasicTalkTM

UnlimitedĀ¹ U.S. calling for $9.99 a month, every month!

plus taxes & fees with 1-year agreement.
It's not magic. It's a low-cost, reliable phone service you can count on.
Works with your existing high-speed Internet connection.
Call 1-800-590-8137
Call 1-800-590-8052
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  • Unlimited¹ U.S. Calling for $9.99/mo every month
  • Keep your existing number
  • Includes Voicemail, Caller ID
    and Call Waiting
  • No activation fee
  • Unlimited¹ U.S. Calling for $9.99/mo every month
  • Get a new local number
  • Includes Voicemail, Caller ID
    and Call Waiting
  • No activation fee


Compare BasicTalk to the Competition

BasicTalk The Other Guys
No extra charge to keep your current number Pay $19.95 the first year to keep your number;
$9.95 for each successive year
No extra charge for the adapter One-time adapter fee of $40
No need to install software on your computer Must install their software to register and get a phone number

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Why Choose BasicTalk™


How to Use BasicTalk

Once you've signed up, you’ll receive a FREE BasicTalk Box™ in the mail.
At this point, you’ll be three steps and about five minutes away from using BasicTalk.


Step 1

Connect your BasicTalk Box™ to an open port on your Wi-Fi router.

Step 2

Plug any home phone into
the BasicTalk Box.

Step 3

Pick up your phone
and start dialing.


Seriously, it's that easy.


How BasicTalk Works

BasicTalk™ uses your existing high-speed Internet connection to get crystal-clear unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S. for one low monthly price.

Top 10 Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is the BasicTalk Box™?
2. What do I need to get started with BasicTalk?
3. Do I need a computer to use BasicTalk?
4. Can I transfer my current number to BasicTalk? How long will it take?
5. Is an Internet connection included with your service?
6. How is the sound quality with BasicTalk?
7. Will I be able to make calls if my power or Internet service goes out?
8. Can I use my BasicTalk phone line to send or receive faxes?
9. Will BasicTalk work with my home alarm system?
10. Is BasicTalk easy to install?